Sarah Fretwell Travels to the DRC to Raise Awareness

 - Feb 20, 2013
References: thetruthtold & mymodernmet
Photojournalist Sarah Fretwell traveled to war-torn Democratic Republic of Congo for 50 days to capture the brave women and children who persevered through tragedy to tell their story in the Truth Told Project.

Tragically enough, the statistic "one girl or woman is raped every minute" is one that not enough people are aware of. Sarah Fretwell put together the Truth Told Project because she wanted to raise awareness and allow people to put faces to a name and give helpless women and children a voice.

These extremely powerful images highlight this tragedy and capture their sweet and innocent faces. These women pictured in the photographs have persevered through a damaging experience as victims of unimaginable sexual violence during war. However, though their heartbreaking tales are ones, which share a horrendous circumstance, they have been able to persevere and continue fighting for their lives and well-being each passing day.