The Saphonian by Saphon Energy is Inspired by the Sails of a Boat

 - Nov 8, 2012
References: saphonenergy & dvice
The Saphonian by Saphon Energy, a company based in Tunis, Tunisia, is a blade-less wind turbine that has been modeled after the sails of a boat. While wind is becoming well-known for its power generating capabilities, the technology used to harness it isn't as effective as some companies would lead the world to believe. This innovative design offers an alternative that would increase the yield of energy.

Shaped like a small flattened satellite dish, the Saphonian by Saphon Energy doesn't spin. Instead, it simply sits there pointing into the wind and collecting energy. It accomplishes this by oscillating in a non-rotational back and forth motion, driving small pistons hooked up to a hydraulic system, which stores the energy in an accumulator or coverts it directly into electricity via a generator.