The Samsung B&O Concept Phone is Designed to Save the Music

Audiophiles who consider themselves smartphone savvy are going to love the Samsung B&O concept phone. Designed by Antoine Brieux of Nak Design, the Samsung B&O (Bang & Olufsen) is designed with music lovers in mind featuring a dock that also acts as a speaker system.

The Samsung B&O concept phone shares many similarities with the Samsung Galaxy, although it does seem to be a bit slimmer and is designed with a slight curve so as to sit better on the face. The hardware of the Samsung B&O is slightly more advanced than the current crop of smartphones with the phone featuring an 8MP camera, video capture and playback in 1080p and 64 GB of memory. Bang & Olufsen are known for their incredible sound systems, so the speaker system/dock will undoubtedly hit hard. Unfortunately, this phone is just a concept. Still, stranger collaborations have happened in the past. Make it happen, Samsung.