The 'Salty Kisses on Channon' Spa Offers Theraputic & Anti-Again Salt Baths

 - Jul 31, 2015
A new spa called Salty Kisses on Channon offers a luxurious and age-defying salt bath treatment that is proven to provides guests with the ultimate relaxation experience. The salt bath will not only prolong the process of aging skin, but it will also improve respiratory illnesses, treat allergies and drastically increase one's immune system.

This therapeutic spa is the perfect retreat for city-dwellers looking to detox their skin of smog and air pollution. The treatment is ideal for generation X members due to its non-invasive characteristics. This completely organic bath is non-toxic and is safe for those with sensitive skin.

This salty experience takes place in a climate-controlled room that is sterile and stabilized to stay at an 18 to 20 degree temperature at all times. Each salt room is filled with Himalayan salt that contains 84 health-inducing minerals. This salt is meant to be inhaled while guests soak in the facility's relaxing baths.