Cover Up Your Nude Texts on Your iPhone

 - Jan 5, 2010
References: & krapps
Sexting, the term coined for sending nude photos via text message, has been in the news a lot lately as statistics show an increasing number, 30 percent, of teens reported either having sent or received naked texts.

A ‘safe sext’ movement has emerged in an effort for public officials to warn parents and teens that sexting is a crime and teens are facing serious, life-changing consequences as a result. In a way, Apple is showing their support by approving a new iPhone ‘Safe Sexting’ application. The application is intended to prevent any unintended sexting consequences in the future, kind of like a get out of jail free card. The sender can censor the nude picture by placing a bar, for example, over the private part(s) before hitting the send button.

Here’s an idea that might not be too popular with teens; parents can just block picture messaging on their kid’s phone. No sexting, in my opinion, is the safest method.