The S3TR Scooter is a Fun and Foldable Commuter Conveyance

 - Dec 6, 2013
References: & yankodesign
Not everyone can appreciate the slick and futuristic look of the leading segway designs. Many will better appreciate the appearance, the operation and the feel of the S3TR ("Streeter") as a practical alternative. Designed by Vladimir Bošnjak, this personal vehicle upholds a more sporty image with a spoked front wheel and a sharp detailed body.

On the S3TR, the rider can feel more secure and stable than he might on a regular Segway. This motorized standing tricycle has a total of three wheels with a generous foot platform spread between the smaller back two. A tall set of handlebars enable you to keep upright while touring about town, and little leans to the right and the left help you steer the S3TR.