These Ryan Hartley Projections Know Their History

 - Apr 2, 2012
References: ryhartley
Brooklyn-based photographer Ryan Hartley recently completed a series of projections for the Igor Stravinsky play, 'Histoir du Soldat.' Ryan Hartley describes the play as a Faustian story about a soldier who sells his fiddle to the devil in exchange for a book that reveals stock quotations from the future.

Ryan Hartley brings a fresh approach to this old story using old imagery. He bases his projections on 20th century propaganda posters, cleverly appealing to the history of soldiers of that era.

His projections convey the promise of utopia by all those great, misguided, often evil ideologies of the 20th century. Ryan Hartley emphasizes violence throughout the series -- a favorite tool of fascism, Stalinism and Nazism.