The Rustic Wool Bib Captures the Look of Nature's Greatest Creation

 - Dec 18, 2012
References: etsy & etsy
As the dripping effect of the Rustic Wool Bib slips down from the collar bone all the way to the belly button, the felt material of the necklace adds an eerie affect of molting lava. The widening effect around the collar bone to the triangular effect as it draws closer to the middle of the stomach makes this Rustic Wool Bib one to ponder after. Its distinct coloring makes this orange and yellow necklace an eye-catching affair.

The Rustic Wool Bib appears to be modeled after one of nature's greatest creations and mimics the effect of the natural affect. This felt necklace is hand felted and hand stitched for a truly dramatic effect. As the necklace appears to drip down, the dramatic effect of the colors adds to any outfit.