'Rubirain' by Tertius Alio is a Beautiful Image of Color and Geometry

 - Nov 20, 2011
References: 500px & mymodernmet
It would not be pleasant to have rock-solid cubes falling from the sky; however, the photo titled Rubirain by Tertius Alio is so magical that for an instate having Rubik's Cubes as rain is not such a bad thing. This image is stunning because the spontaneity of the shoot, the lighting and general composition.

Saint Petersburg, Russia-based photographer Danya Kontorovich (aka Tertius Alio) captured the falling 3D puzzle with such grace that it's impossible not to be intrigued and touched by it. The way the cubes are frozen by the camera at the time of smashing into the ground is mesmerizing. Additionally, the depth of field gives the cubes various dimensions as well as sense of movement to the whole photograph. Rubirain by Tertius Alio will have viewers lingering to take in every detail.