The RThropod Concept Car Connects on a Genetic Level with Drivers

 - Jan 28, 2012
References: michelinchallengedesign & designbuzz
Lucas Lopez has designed a game-changing car: the RThropod concept car. This vehicle would actually link its owners genetically to their car! Designed by the Argentine, the RThropod concept car would actually be linked to the eventual buyer by using stem cells from birth. This genetic tie would then allow for the car to be completely customized to the driver unlike anything before.

This futuristic ride would be able to connect to the driver on a level in which enables the car to give real time advice on traffic, directions. To take it one step further, the car would actually be able to pick up on the driver’s mood. The RThropod concept car is the closest thing to a real-life Knight Rider car.

Furthermore the RThropod concept car would prevent drivers from making erratic decisions on the road and would even be able to change its color. This car may only be a concept now, but it appears to be the next generation in both AI and autos.