The ‘Round & Round’ Bench is Reworked

 - May 26, 2012
References: 12x12nyc & coolhunting
One of the most interesting pieces at the 12x12 Exhibition, held at New York City’s Wanted Design, is the ‘Round & Round’ bench. The exhibition spotlights the work of 12 contemporary designers who turned the wood from 12 New York buildings into unique pieces of furniture.

Chairs, tables and desks were among the most popular choices created from turning various types of wood from the Heart Pine found in a building constructed in the 1920s to the California Redwood gathered from a Park Avenue Co-Op into new objects.

Resembling a horseshoe or semi-circle in shape, the panoramic seating arrangement will definitely be a show-stopper in any home—provided, of course, that the homeowner has room to showcase it.

The item was crafted from Heart Pine, a popular choice at the exhibition, and features a functional drawer on the one end. The unique shape, coupled with the history behind the wood it is crafted from, makes this seating arrangement a piece of the city’s history.