Vintage Frames Collaborated with YesJulz of Snapchat for a Design

Vintage Frames, a company host to an impressive array of nostalgic designer eyewear, expanded its collection with a pair of rose-tinted sunglasses with snakeskin frames.

The design is said to have come from a collaboration with YesJulz, a social media mogul who most people know from Snapchat. She models the rose-tinted glasses for an editorial for the company, wearing the unique design along with an all-white bathing suit against a sunny backdrop that highlights the quality of the lenses.

Like the other designs the company presents to its consumers, the pair has a vintage look that comes from its oval-like shape and lens tint, as well as the snakeskin fabric that complements it. In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, the rose-tinted sunglasses feature hand-dipped lenses which help to improve night vision, allowing consumers to wear the design even in the complete absence of sun.