The Rosemont Hotel Boasts An Artificial Rainforest and Beach

 - Oct 15, 2015
References: zasa & gizmag
The Rosemont hotel and residences are part of a two-tower development being constructed by ZAS Group in Dubai.

Dubai is home to numerous lavish and over-the-top hotels and buildings that try to outdo each other with their mind-blowing features. The Rosemont hotel's claim to fame is that it will boast its very own artificial rainforest. The podium of the hotel will feature a 12,000 square meters artificial beach and rainforest right at the top. Details are limited at this planning stage, but the artificial rainforest is sure to make for a spectacular addition.

In addition to the artificial rainforest, hotels and residences, the Rosemont hotel development will also be home to retail spaces, a shisha cafe and a nightclub. With the best of modern luxuries and recreated nature activities, this hotel is perfect for Dubai.