Roof House's Angled Roofs Merge in Seemingly Impossible Ways

 - May 24, 2017
References: sigurdlarsen & dezeen
Sigurd Larsen's Roof House looks like a fictional structure out of the imagination of MC Escher, but the home is very much real. As its name suggests, by far its most striking aspect is its roof -- or, more accurately, its series of interconnected roofs.

Roof House is made up of a single volume, but the various rooms and hallways within the home each have ceiling angles that are different from one another. On the exterior, this results in a baffling crisscross of slanted rooftops perpendicular to and overlapping with one another.

The paradoxical design is aesthetically interesting, but it has a very simple practical purpose. By altering the angles of the roof sections, different areas of Roof House get direct natural light from a sunlight at different times of the day.