Ron Ulicny's Artworks Challenge People's Ideas of Realitys

 - May 9, 2012
References: ronulicny & thisiscolossal
Ron Ulicny, a fine artist, craftsman and contemporary sculptor based in Portland, Oregon, takes incredibly ordinary objects often overlooked by the masses and creates mind-boggling surreal sculptures that are at once silly and thought-provoking. From dart boards riddled with throwing knives to faucets spewing out Scrabble tiles, Ron Ulicny's works of art challenges reality and people's imaginations.

According to his website, Ron Ulicny "does not believe in curriculum vitaes or artist statements. (please feel and think for yourself): you do not always need to know why." Completely in line with his work ethic, the sculptures force people to come up with their own reasoning and back story to explain the unorthodox use of such materials. By doing so, the work opens their eyes.