The Lumbermatch Website Uses the Wilderness to Connects Individuals

 - Dec 5, 2015
References: lumbermatch & mentalfloss
The Lumbermatch romance site is a dating platform designed to target females interested in burly men of the wilderness with long beards. The site is marketed under the catch phrase "where beardies meet beauties" in the hopes of connecting those with a taste for the great outdoors to a fellow woodsman.

Men with beards is a popular trailblazing type among women seeking someone that encapsulates the great outdoors through their fashion aesthetic. The Lumbermatch site specializes in recruiting men that have long beards, wear plaid often and enjoy spending time in nature to women keen on their burly aesthetic. The site uses profiles and images to link up potential matches.

Sites such as the Lumbermatch allow consumers to turn their tastes for specific types of people into a viable reality.