The Roll Chair Unfurls its Circular Contours into a Lovely Lumpy Couch

 - Jan 22, 2014
References: utzonkids & designspotter
The open and closed states of the Roll Chair are completely different; you might even see a pair side by side and not recognize that the two are the same. In its compact arrangement, the playful seating object takes the shape of a big cylindrical bolster, but separate its subtle seams and you end up with a lumpy low lounger.

Two of the nearly semicircular cushions lie flat against the floor to become soft and spongy supports for your legs, your back and your rear end; meanwhile, the triangular core supports the third wool-covered cushion as a headrest. The Utzon Kids Roll Chair makes for a great place to curl up with a book or from which to watch TV, conveniently reconfiguring to a tight shape when it isn't in use.