The ROI of Higher Education Infographic Outlines University Pros and Cons

 - Sep 2, 2012
The ROI of Higher Education infographic examines the pros and cons of attending a place of higher education. Looking at it purely from a fiscal sense, the infographic lays out the details for American students post grad.

The infographic does a great job in putting the financial details out there. However, what is missing from this assessment is the experience and connections that many students make while continuing their studies that set them well ahead of others who do not get the degree.

As a general comparison of all graduates, those with a university or college degree make nearly two times as much ($34,100) as those with only a high school degree ($17,561).

American students are graduating with an average debt of $25,250—even on top of family and student contributions and school scholarships and grants. Whether it is that students should stop attending universities and colleges or the educational system of America needs a remake is debatable.