The Rodi Freestanding Sink Rises as an Asymmetrical Sculpture

 - Feb 13, 2014
References: tommasobistacchi &
It may take a person with an eclectic sense of style to truly appreciate the Rodi Freestanding Sink. The magnificent Carrara marble would appeal to the lover of classical design while the formal execution would tempt the contemporary enthusiast. Someone with an admiration for both of these styles would find it to be a striking addition to her home bathroom.

Tommaso Bistacchi began with a pair of white marble slabs as his primary building blocks for this piece. Hardly thicker than an inch each, the divinely veiny components are placed perpendicularly with the vertical edge of one extending slightly beyond their meeting. Together, the Rodi Freestanding Sink's stones incline subtly but noticeably, causing the basin's flat glass bottom to tilt and direct water towards the hidden drain.