This Robotic Teddy Can Hold a Two-Way Conversation with Users

 - Nov 3, 2015
References: adawarp & psfk
'Adawarp' recently designed a robotic teddy that can be controlled through a VR headset. While teddy bears are often associated with children, this high-tech teddy is equipped with technology that adults will enjoy.

The 'Telepresence Bear' is a robotic teddy that is designed to pair with the Oculus Rift headset. It is through the VR headset that users can see the world through the bear's eyes. The headset is also equipped with a sensor that translates the user's movements into robotic actions. Additionally, the bear is equipped with a microphone and speaker that allows users to carry out two-way conversations. The technology ultimately allows the viewer to add a tactile element to the VR experience.

In the future, the company hopes to use the bear as a way to help loved ones communicate from afar.