The RoboCop on a Unicorn T-Shirt is Brilliance at its Best

 - Jul 11, 2011
References: goape.storenvy & theawesomer
Someone needs to take a look at the RoboCop on a Unicorn T-Shirt and make it into a movie or an Internet short, because this is way too amazing.

Olly Moss and Go Ape have collaborated together to bring the epicness that is the RoboCop on a Unicorn T-Shirt. That's right, what you're seeing is Detroit, Michigan's finest law enforcement on a mythical creature. So not only is RoboCop bulletproof with the ability to shoot with accuracy and feel emotion -- he now has a unicorn. Can you imagine how insanely awesome it'd be if he was galloping through the Motor City chasing bad guys as his theme song plays? That's a thought that I hope will turn into an online viral video some day. But for now, enjoy the shirt!