The Rise & Shine Sippy Cup Comically Turns Infants into Coffee Drinkers

 - Nov 7, 2013
References: amazon & neatoshop
Any parent looking to humorously pass on their coffee-drinking ways to their infants is in luck, because the Rise & Shine Sippy Cup is a fun way to make any little toddler look like a coffee drinker without actually giving them any caffeine.

Sippy cups are practical ways to give infants juice and liquids while simultaneously preventing any spills or messes. And why not add some fun to the mix by opting for a baby cup that humorously looks similar to a Starbucks coffee cup? Shaped like an ordinary sippy cup except for the added feature of a brown and green logo, which features an adorable baby duck, this Rise & Shine Sippy Cup is sure to make any toddler look more mature and sophisticated every time they take a sip from this deceiving coffee-branded cup.