The 'Ripple Effect Tea Table' Creates a Calming Environment

 - Aug 26, 2010
References: cribcandy & designboom
Jeonghwa Seo had teamed up with Hanna Chung to create a project that aims to improve social relationships. As part of Eastern traditions, tea ceremonies bring people together. By creating a calming environment, the designers constructed the 'Ripple Effect Tea Table.'

As beautiful as they are serene, these rippling table tops move by hand motion and bring the relationship closer as ripples meet and societies greet. It is believed that small changes in people's personalities can evolve and grow, in hopes to change the world one tea ceremony at a time. The 'Ripple Effect Tea Table' can have an impact on society as they become major conversation pieces in your homes and personal lives.Photo Credits: designboom, cribcandy