Richard Branson Ice Cubes are Served on Virgin Airline Flights

 - May 7, 2012
References: virgin & laughingsquid
The next time you take a flight on Virgin Airlines and order a frosty beverage, check your glass for a few Richard Branson ice cubes that may be floating around in your drink.

These "Little Richard"-dubbed beverage coolers are going to grace the glasses of any drink ordered in the Upper Class Cabins of the carrier's planes and took approximately six weeks to perfect. The inspiration behind the gimmick apparently has more genuine and sociable roots than simply being a move of vanity -- which, given the billionaire's rock star status would not be hard to believe.

According to Virgin Atlantic's chief executive, the founder's face was stamped onto these cubes so that, despite his hectic lifestyle, Branson can sit down and enjoy a drink with his passengers.