The Retrospect App by Moonshot Labs Records and Indexes Moments

 - May 5, 2013
References: & news.ycombinator
The Retrospect app currently being developed by Moonshot Labs promises to allow you to replay and search moments of your life. The app periodically records your location and audio while indexing this data to create a scroll-able timeline of your moments.

Running in the background, Retrospect intelligently records your daily interactions. These recordings are then uploaded to the Moonshot servers where topic detection algorithms tag and organize your moments. The result is a searchable database of audio from your life. Searches like "Conversations with Jane at work" would return clips of dialogue that were previously stored.

With the app recording everyone indiscriminately, privacy concerns are an issue. Moonshot plans to address this by educating users about local privacy laws. In addition, users will maintain full ownership of their data.