Laughing at Futuristic Design Quirks Before Bots Were Real

 - Feb 4, 2009   Updated: Jun 21 2011
References: darkroastedblend
You know what's fun? I mean besides stirring bourbon with an icicle? Looking back to see what the future was supposed to look like. These cool robots that don't really do anything have much more panache than the real robots of today. If robots are ever going to be as pervasive as the laptop, then some hot designers need to get in on the action.

Implications - In society today, consumers are often drawn to products that exude a comic or entertaining quality which serves as an escape from their everyday responsibilities. A simple way for corporations to provide this type of relief is through the use of irony. Consumers will be drawn to products that are able to depict society in a humorous and less serious light.