The Retro Matt Groening Apple Ads are a Blast from the Past

 - Jun 13, 2011
References: & neatorama
I suddenly feel the urge to buy an Apple computer from the early 1990s after seeing these retro Matt Groening Apple ads. Way back in the "before" time of 1989, Apple reached out to Groening for help selling its home computers. Groening created a booklet titled "Who Needs A Computer Anyway?" that was filled with drawings of major college stereotypes.

While a lot of things have changed since then, those student stereotypes haven't changed much, with the exception of the technoid (nerd) who is seen as a beacon of style now versus a guy who could care less about his clothes.

The adds show off Groening's early style and will certainly be a treat for fans of his shows. Check out the retro Matt Groening Apple ads here. Don't blame me if you somehow wind up with a Mac when it's all said and done.