Patrick Morgan Designs Art in the Likes of Retro Game Consoles

 - May 15, 2014
References: etsy & gadgetsin
Retro game consoles are a dime a dozen. Gamers jump at any chance they have to get their hands on the consoles and their accessories, because really, who doesn't like classic games like Super Mario?

Though these artworks aren't the physical gaming consoles, retro gaming fans will love these posters by Etsy shop owner Patrick Morgan just the same. The Berthiud-based designer illustrates technical and mechanical-looking posters of numerous consoles and their controllers.

He included consoles like the N-64 and its tri-pointed controller in disassembled form. He even included items from the NES, SNES and PS2 generations. All of them are highly detailed and are printed on Feltweave archival paper in order to make every piece unique. They are the perfect gift for gamers or even engineers.