'Resourcely' is a Resource for Collecting Resource-Collectors

 - Dec 27, 2017
References: resourcy.space & producthunt
The internet's tremendous wealth of information allows people to learn about virtually anything, and Resourcely is a new tool that makes it easier for users to harness the power of the collective online teaching force. The platform serves as a meta-resource aggregator, offering up a list of the best resources from around the internet in a variety of different categories.

With the freedom of information on the internet, the concept of "hustle" has taken on a new meaning. If anything can be learned online, the only thing holding a person back is the ability to find it. Maximizing the efficiency of finding these online resources thus becomes a part of the hustle, and Resourcely is a perfect middleman. The site offers resources organized by topic, including design, entrepreneurship, marketing, and more.