Qatari Diar Repurposing the Olympic Village has Possibilities

 - Jun 30, 2013
References: psfk & qataridiar
The Qatari Diar real estate company is repurposing the Olympic Village in London, England, for low-income housing for people to reside in. Since the London games of last summer have come to a close, the facilities built for them are left empty and without purpose. The idea for low-income housing to come out of them is a wonderful way to put these buildings back to use.

"The exciting new neighborhood will initially deliver 2,818 new homes when it will be ready for residents to move into in 2013," Qatari Diar states. As it was designed to be an environmentally friendly sports facility and housing for some of the most sophisticated athletes in the world, this project is a big venture for the city of London and the developers involved in the project as well as those who will receive this unique housing opportunity.