From Pretty Pastel-Hued Sweets to Solar System Chocolates

 - Jul 20, 2012
References: trendhunter
These refreshing lemon flavored treats make for the perfect fix on a warm summer day. Citrus flavors are known to spice up almost any dish, spurring a culinary love for pulp, orange-hued juices and zesty concoctions. Cooking blogs have furthered the widespread infatuation with lemon rounds, now present in varying forms within some of the world’s most upscale menus.

Pretty pastel-hued sweets and solar system chocolates will be essential indulgences this summer. Tart tastes can lie somewhere between the saccharine and sour, and it is for this reason that many return to lemon extracts time and time again. The ingredient also works with both savory and dessert-themed dishes as an additive to pot roast, cakes and lollipops alike. This versatility has been essential to the spread of these treats.