Reebok Yoga Partner Tara Stiles Experiments with Blending Fitness Styles

 - May 6, 2016
References: fitness.reebok
Reebok Yoga Partner Tara Stiles worked in collaboration with the brand to create the vibrant Yoga Reebok Collection, but this is not her only area of expertise. Reebok challenged the NYC-based yogi to take her first ever CrossFit Box class; naturally Stiles brought the same principles of strength, ease and balance that she practices and teaches to others to each activity. She reports: "Moving your body is a great thing and when CrossFit gets you moving and capable in your body, you’ll enjoy yoga even more."

At CrossFit Box, Stiles was outfitted in pieces from the Reebok collection featuring her own designs and a pair of the Reebok CrossFit sneakers, which suggests the versatility of the products.

Many athletic apparel retailers are now shifting their focus to female-focused audiences, especially with help from inspiring icons of health like Tara Stiles.