On Red Nob Day, Please Yourself for Testicular and Prostate Cancer

 - Mar 14, 2011
References: rednobday & rednobday
Saturday, March 19 marks the first official Red Nob Day, an event dedicated to raising money for testicular and prostate cancer. This campaign is not just another plea for money -- it’s actually surprisingly funny and unique.

The organizers are asking all men to gather on the date and "bash one out" for charity. In Lehmann’s terms, masturbate and donate! The whole campaign is being spread using social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook and blogs.

They need men all over the world to get involved in Red Nob Day; whether you donate £100 or £1, it all counts and you get some pleasure in the process too. If there ever was a win-win situation, surely this is it. You actually have a legitimate reason to please yourself -- one even your mum would agree with.