Green Concept Car from Hyundai

 - Mar 11, 2007   Updated: Jun 16 2011
The “QarmaQ” is a new concept car from Hyundai that's made from recycled plastic. The car was shown at this year's Geneva auto show.

Hyundai has cooperated with GE to integrate advanced materials by using recycled polyethylene terephthalate (PET), which are plastic bottles to create the car's skin. Instead of using metal and glass, this gives the car 130 pounds of weight savings and it will save 20 gallons a year on gas.

Implications - The QarmaQ concept also focuses on the safety of the driver as well as eco-friendly innovation. The vice president of advanced technology at Hyundai Motors named Dr. Kwon Moon-Shik states that it is Hyundai's commitment and determination to develop environmentally friendly technologies for every citizen.