Learn Geography, Send Your Letter

 - Apr 27, 2008
References: direktrecycling.net & startmotions
If you are flipping through the pages of your Atlas and you find a few pages missing then we know just where you need to look. D!REKTRECYCLING has taken the approach to recycle pages from Atlases and other maps to make envelopes.

While these maps may not help the postman to find out where you live, they will certainly help the environment. The envelopes from outside look like any other normal one you would have seen but open it up and you come face to face with a map.

D!REKTRECYCLING has been using post-consumer content, surplus maps to fuel its envelope making fetish. It also claims that this direct method of recycling saves 100% of water, bleaching agents, binding agents, and fresh wood fibers, and more than 95% energy making it the ultimate green office supplies