The 'Ready or Not' Freshman Infograph Shows Weak Points

 - Jun 12, 2012
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Entering the world of higher education can be a daunting venture, which is why the 'Ready or Not' Freshman infographic tackles the weaker points of leaving highschool and the worries Freshman have. With 33% of high school graduates from 2010 claiming that high school did not prepare them for university or college, the education system is having a fundamental problem targeted. The purpose of high school is to prepare students for whatever follows -- be it college and university or the job force.

Approximately 44% of students wish they had taken different classes, 55% saying that university was much harder than anticipated, and 24% had to take remedial classes to make up for a lack of rudimentary skills. The 'Ready or Not' Freshman infograph points out a major issue facing freshman these days as they graduate from highschool.