The Re-Energizer Battery Charger Models its Form on its Contents

 - May 16, 2012
References: industrialdesignserved
People are more than willing to invest in rechargeable batteries for the sake of cost economy and waste reduction, but few electrical hubs afford consumers the same convenience. The Re-Energizer Battery Charger challenges the common bulky wall plug and boasts the ability to juice up more fuel cells with improved flexibility.

Ethan Huber's design accommodates up to eight cylinders at once, and even easily adjusts to fit both AA and AAA batteries. The gadget protrudes from the wall, requiring it to be pushed into an unobstructed socket, but this orientation leaves the adjacent power outlet clear for use. In order to best fit with any electrical jack and to accommodate a second device, the Re-Energizer Battery Charger rotates around its decentralized pronged back plate to make space.