The Rayo Light Features Multiple Useful Functions

 - Dec 27, 2017
References: kickstarter
Avid cyclists are aware of the safety measures required for them to bike without getting hurt, and the Rayo is a tool that was designed to enhance these safety measures.

The most fundamental purpose of a bike light such as Rayo is to ensure that cars are able to see cyclists at night, but the Rayo goes one step further by incorporating multiple features. More than featuring ultra-bright LEDs, the Rayo also has motion-detection and Bluetooth connection features. It can be personalized to feature the flashing patterns that the user prefers or needs based on their bike routes, and also has sensors that detect when the user is braking, and change the lights accordingly.

The Rayo's ability to mimic the safety functions of a car makes it one of the more unique bike lights on the market.