Rashid Rana's Pixelated Works Explore South Asian Perspectives

 - Mar 30, 2011
References: lissongallery & coolhunting
As you browse through Rashid Rana's most recent art exhibition, you'll probably find yourself questioning what is and what isn't real. Well folks, that's because that is one of the main purposes of this show. More specifically, it addresses and explores the struggle between tradition and modernity in South Asia.

On view at London's Lisson Gallery, Rashid Rana's art exhibition is filled with intriguing pixelated works. One installation is titled Books, Yet there aren't books at all, but aluminum cubes printed with pixelated photos.

Another of Rashid Rana's installations involves larger-scale pixelated photographs that looks like non-working TV channels. Described as 'unpacked abstraction,' Rashid Rana's pieces are actually smaller, context-specific images that are chaotically and disruptively put together for the audience.