Gabriel Dawe's Rainbow Art is Contained within Acrylic Cubes

 - May 4, 2013
References: gabrieldawe & sweet-station
Artist Gabriel Dawe can't get enough of chromatic contrasts which he constantly plays up in his rainbow art installations.

In this series of color wheel creations entitled 'Plexus no. 4,' Dawe crams an entire range of vibrant hues into a series of plexiglass cubes which are mounted onto gallery walls. Taking color off of the canvas and flinging it into the 3D world, the artist uses fine threads in fiery tones of red, orange, yellow, pink and blue, letting the complementary hues enhance and intensify each other.

This rainbow art installation by Gabriel Dawe features boxes absolutely brimming with extremely concentrated colors that are coiled up and waiting to be unleashed into the surrounding atmosphere.