The RadioShack Lifechanging Promotions Campaign Advocates Self-Defence

 - Oct 30, 2012
References: radioshack & ibelieveinadv
The RadioShack Lifechanging Promotions ad campaign advocates carrying weapons for self-defence in case of some kind of emergency. Whether confronted by a rapist or a robber, it is important to be able to thwart attackers at all cost. With this in mind, these print ads may not seem so crazy after all. Of course, the initial shock of advertising pepper sprays and taser guns is exactly the kind of thing that will grab people's attention.

Conceived and executed by AW, an ad agency based in Cario, Egypt, the RadioShack Lifechanging Promotions ad campaign was both art and creative directed by Ahmed Wahid. Copywriter Wael Khairy came up with a couple jewels including, "Save up to 100% of what’s in your purse."