Radient Scone is an Elementary Combination of Unexpected Materials

 - May 1, 2013
References: richbrilliantwilling & leibal
What would you guess is the function of the Radient Scone at first glance? It is a rectangular piece of wood that is fastened to the wall, revealing no other details about what it does when you view it straight on.

Rich Brilliant Willing executed this contemporary piece with the minimalist style for which they're known, and the Radient Scone embodies this material and formal reduction in a way that's even more pronounced than many of their other products. the backing and the lightbulb are barely visible behind the timber veneer, which acts as a diffuser and emits a glow across the wall's surface.

The Radient Wall Scone is manufactured in oak, black-painted oak or walnut material. It would decorate and delight a space with none of the fuss.