These Cards Share Quirky Quotes from 'Friends' for Any Occasion

 - Aug 26, 2015
References: buzzfeed
These humorous greeting cards share silly and quirky quotes from Friends, which was a popular 90s TV series. These cards perfectly highlight major and minor holidays using quotes from Friends since the show's ten-season series provided realistic insights to all of life's monumental moments.

The cards range from congratulating someone on a pregnancy to sending a Valentine's Day card to a crush. For example, a card that is meant to congratulate someone on moving is presented with a simple couch illustration accompanied by the word "pivot." This card reflects the Friends episode when Ross moves into a new apartment and attempts to get his couch up a flight of stairs by repeatedly yelling "pivot!" to his friends who are desperately trying to help.

The cards are simply laid out with minimal illustrations and text, which each and every fan of Friends will instantly recognize.