This App Tells Passenngers Where to Sit on the Train for a Quick Exit

 - Aug 27, 2015
References: citymapper & psfk
'Citymapper' recently added a new feature that tells train passengers the best place to sit for a quick exit. Many people rely on trains to get them to different destinations each day. This app helps to optimize train travel by helping passengers disembark as quickly as possible.

Users can take advantage of the new Citymapper feature simply by entering their destination. The app will then use GPS and information about nearby trains to determine the quickest route for the user to take. Once on the correct train, the app will then determine whether a passenger should sit in the front middle or back of the train. Based on this information, the app will help the passenger make a quick exit when they finally reach their destination.

Although the feature is still in its beta testing mode, the information may help passengers shave precious time off of their daily commute.