Quark LED Cufflinks Combine Suave with Tech Savvy

 - Mar 29, 2012
References: tokyoflash & designbuzz
Ever felt like showing up to a gala in some high-tech, James Bond apparel? Now you can with the Quark LED Cufflinks, created by American designer Logan. The Quark LED Cufflinks come in both an Up and Down piece that each tell time in a different way, allowing you to decide which is easier and more convenient.

The Up cufflink displays "the four digits of the time in sequence using an LED segmented display," much like how a digital watch would read. The Down cufflink displays time by counting "each of the digits on a 3x3 array of LED dots," with 0 displayed as a diagonal line. With a silver-plated stainless steel body the Quark LED Cufflinks combine suave with tech-savvy, ideal for any formal gathering, especially if you're a spy.