Subtle is a Quality Dating App Where Users are Screened by Real People

 - Sep 11, 2015
References: & go-subtle
Subtle's makers wanted to create a place where singles could come to find "quality dating."

The most popular dating apps use Facebook profiles to ensure that their users are real people. However, this doesn't allow for filtering of relationship status, education level or social media behavior and isn't always a guarantee that a user is providing their genuine information -- it's relatively easy to set up a fake Facebook account for online dating purposes. Subtle aims to change this and provide true quality dating.

The quality dating app will screen both Facebook and LinkedIn profiles before allowing a user to join the service. Rather than using software, a real human staff member will comb through each user's social media profiles. Once invited to join the site, each member will be allowed to invite three friends to also join. Furthermore, the site will limit its 18-34 year old users to only 35%.