Qkr! by MasterCard is an App-Based Ordering and Payments Platform

 - Jul 21, 2015
References: qkr.mastercard
Designed as a means to enhancing consumer experience at live events, Qkr! by MasterCard is an innovative ordering and payment platform that will ensure you don't miss a second of the game. Both in-seat delivery and pick-up are available through Qkr!

Usable for food, beverage and merchandise while at the stadium or arena, Qkr! by MasterCard begins when the user scans the QR code on their seat or enters it manually. Cardholders are then able to peruse the menu and order directly from there. The user then has the option of paying with a previously registered card or adding a new one, followed by a confirmation and the order arriving soon there after.

A unique innovation that combines several desires of the modern consumer, Qkr! is a dynamic service platform that makes the most of digital payment technology and iBeacon stadium tools.