This Pyramid Cottage Offers Panoramic Views of Its Surroundings

 - May 31, 2016
References: smallhousebliss & freshome
In an unusual vacation home design, the Pyramid Cottage House takes after its name with its two adjacent pyramid shapes.

The small house features two pyramid structures that are joined by a rectangular hallway. The original makes ample use of its small and unusual space with a kitchen, three bedrooms, living and dining areas and a bathroom. The unusual pyramid cottage is complete with a deck and large windows so that the owners can enjoy the beautiful Icelandic scenery that the house is in the middle of. One bedroom features a glass top for a panoramic view of the sky in the day and the Northern lights at night -- while the living area provides the same view with its corner windows.

This exceptionally original cottage design makes excellent use of limited space while also taking advantage of the surrounding scenery.