Pushkin Museum Inspiration Dior Installation is for Fashionistas

Moscow's Pushkin Museum Inspiration Dior exhibit is an in-depth look into the designer's many historic fashions and the artwork that inspired them. The museum will showcase about 120 designs spanning the course of Dior's career and display about 60 paintings by famed artists such as Renoir, Picasso, Cézanne and Modigliani that inspired each of these designs.

As Dior says, "The history of Parisian fashion is not a vanity fair, but a representation of culture." Culture and art have played a huge role in inspiring not just Dior, but almost every other designer to emerge since his time, from Yves St. Laurent to Chanel.

The museum showcase will be featured in nine rooms featuring Dior fashion, from 18th century-influenced designs to images of today's celebrities donning his gowns. The layout of the exhibit is exceptionally striking, as the dresses are displayed on multiple levels of all-white stages with the perfect lighting to accent their brilliant colors and textures.