Pure Sensia WiFi Radio Keeps You Connected While You Sleep

 - Sep 22, 2009
References: touchmyradio & likecool
Remember when alarm clocks were just alarm clocks? Everything just got crazy with the Pure Sensia DAB and WiFi Radio because this pretty little gadget can do a whole lot more then just wake you up in the morning.

According to LikeCool.com, here is what the Pure Sensia can do "The Sensia gives you a unique way to enjoy internet radio content and podcasts, DAB and FM radio stations, your own music collection via Wi-Fi. There’s also an alarm, countdown and sleep timers, a headphone socket, an RF remote and some custom iPhone style Pure Apps such as weather, news, Picasa, Facebook and Twitter." Plus it has a really nice 5.7inch touchscreen too!

All of this leaves one to wonder, with all the things the Pure Sensia can do, what can’t it do? It can’t club a baby seal, therefore it’s a good thing.